SSH Tunnelling – Bringing things a little closer to home or home a little closer to you

A few years ago, I wrote an article on how it was possible to hack into a friend’s Facebook account on public, unsecured, or poorly secured Wi-Fi, when using Facebook over an unencrypted connection. In that post, I mentioned you could tunnel your home connection via SSH to wherever you are and that there will be a post written one day on how to do this.

After entering my name, the installer confirms that my name will be used.

Releasing Intacta Express – A reverse engineering story

Just over 15 years ago I used to watch a television programme on the BBC called Tomorrow’s World, the show focused on new and emerging technologies which could end up in our everyday lives. Famously, the humble Compact Disc was featured, and to this day, they’re still one of the standard methods of legally distributing music. Something from the show that caught my attention was a new piece of software which allowed the transfer of computer data via the medium of paper.


Using Facebook Messenger on Pidgin – Revisited (API v2) [Updated]

Just over 5 years ago, I wrote a post on here showing how to connect to Facebook Chat (now rebranded as Facebook Messenger) on 3rd party Instant Messenger clients through Facebook’s XMPP endpoint. Unfortunately this relied on Facebook’s first API, which was deprecated last year, and support for the XMPP endpoint officially ended on 30th April 2015.


My first week with the Apple Watch

…and why the £12,000 top of the range model might actually not be such a bad investment. Ok, so I finally took the plunge last week, raided the piggy bank, and purchased an Apple Watch. Why? Simply put, I liked the idea of having important information piped directly to my wrist. Lazy? Maybe, but the watch has actually helped me start becoming more proactive, and getting more exercise.