Making DDClient work with multiple domains on namecheap

Robert Ian Hawdon

September 3, 2010

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  • KJK

    Thanks for sharing this. Did you report this on the mailing list? I’m also switching from zoneedit to namecheap and it would be nice to have this fixed, because patching and maybe modifying the code when updating sounds like a pain.

  • KJK

    I was going to change from zoneedit to namecheap because I was having issues with 1 of my subdomains, but I patched it. in case you were also having the same issue.

  • Stu

    Thanks, Dave! Following your directions I couldn’t get the patch to apply properly. But I hand-edited the ddclient source and “Voila” multiple namecheap domains updated.

  • Ehud

    tried patching on 3.8.0 and it failed with a message about a malform in line 6 (my $url). however, i eventually managed to patch with the one from the ddclient site, here:

    thanks for your post.

  • Cheers, I’ll add this to the post

  • La

    Thanks Dave! The patch above threw an error for me as well, but the link you added to sourceforge worked great. It took me about 5 minutes to solve the issue thanks to you!

  • Richard Carson

    Worked wonders. Thanks

  • Tristan

    Thanks a lot! It works! I installed ddclient on  Ubuntu 11.10 server and apply the patch. ddclient update the host immediately. Be careful while copy&paste  the commands from this site. International user’s browsers shows wrong charset  ex. < as  < . in $ patch < namecheap.patch for example….

  • Tristan

    < as &lt 

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  • HipsterMonkey

    Robert has a pull request to get this patched (along with some cloudflare stuff) over at if you want to subscribe. Seems at the moment it’s just waiting on some changes to the indentation requested off the project maintainer.

  • Yes, I’m actually going to focus on updating the cloudflare support to use the new API whilst I’m at fixing the indentation and updating the file.